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Meet the Founder & CEO of EnrichHER

What are the life lessons you've learned that you carry with you to keep the fire alive & how  do you stay on top of your game? Most people are just going to assume a lack of capability. As such, it’s good to surprise them and win my own way.

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus


Meet international artist Joseph Guay. Learn about his thought provoking solo exhibit at Westside Cultural Art Center in West Midtown.

Troy von Otnott with Leilani Munter, an American race car driver and environmental activist poses infront of the latest Tesla car during the Cleantech Southeast Open Summit at Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Meet Troy von Otnott, the CEO of Massive Technologies. Discover how he spends his time and find out his favorite places to balance his day.

A set of four questions designed to get to know the industry game changers.
  shot on location at the center of civil & human rights museum for  the mavericks 2016.  image by  scott reeves photography.

shot on location at the center of civil & human rights museum for the mavericks 2016. image by scott reeves photography.

Get to know the CNN Hero, humanitarian and now the new Chief Executive Officer at the Center of Civil and Human Rights and Mavericks Atlanta 2016. As a refugee from Uganda, he understood the importance of survival and he founded, The Global Soap Project. The Global Soap Project is a nonprofit organization that collects partly used bars of soap from hotels, then sanitizes and recycles the soap to be given to refugees and others in need around the world where disease can quickly spread from lack of proper sanitation. Since starting the initiative, he is responsible for donating over 5 million bars of soap worldwide and growing.

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Meet the team members of the companies we love and admire. Find out what inspire them to thrive in their environment.